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3 years after Apsley fire, Sayers Grocery will re-open new store Monday

After almost 40 months Sayers grocery store is set to reopen in Apsley.

They say this Monday March 25th will be their ‘soft opening’. 

According to Jeff Sayers the store has some great new features such as a deli and hot food counter as well as a cafe that will also have an outdoor patio. 

“There’s power stations so people can plug in their laptop Wi-Fi, just a place to get some food, get something to drink, and they could read the paper or do what they do on their computer, just kind of enjoy the downtown atmosphere and people watch” 

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The store is also featuring many local products not just on its shelves but also in its cafe: 

“Anytime we get an opportunity, we partner with the local company” Said Sayers, “So an example, if there’s something with honey in it, we would use our local honey suppliers honey so that we can promote the local product in that way and get people to try it” 

Sayers went on to say that the store was a great opportunity to revisit and reinvent categories in the store, including “finding new relationships for buying, buying more direct and renegotiating existing agreements with suppliers so that we can try to get the best pricing that we can on the current market and pass it on to our customers” 

The previous Sayers grocery store burned down in early December of 2020, and was a loss felt by the community as the store was not just a community hub but a place where many area seniors were getting their groceries delivered from, especially in the midst of the pandemic. 

Sayers will be open for business this coming Monday March 25th at 8:30am. 

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