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Man finds unexpected items in the wall while renovating 150 year old farmhouse

This winter a Maple Leaf man was renovating his 150 year old farmhouse when he found something unexpected in the wall: an assortment of vintage medicine bottles.

Owner showing the board that was pried off the wall

“This is what was actually on the wall,  this is wood from 100 years or more ago” Said Miller, holding up a large cedar plank, “I was just prying it off when all of a sudden I saw bottles stuffed in newspaper… like they had newspaper on the wall as insulation or something and these were stuck in it” 

The bottles appear to be liniment bottles as well as Charles Henry Fletcher, Castoria medicine bottles from the 1800’s. 

Mary Kavanaugh from the North Hastings Museum says Castoria would have been something commonly used and explained how the bottles might have come to be there: 

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 “We have heard that has happened” Said Kavanaugh,  “There’s been things put in the walls and just covered up when they were re-doing because most of the houses were open framed for a time until people could afford to do the inside walls” 

Brian later told MooseFM he also found what he believes to be a small ironing board in the wall as well. Kavanaugh said those were often added to regular sized ironing boards for ironing shirtsleeves. 

Miller has offered to donate the items to the museum and Kavanaugh said she was excited at the prospect, saying the bottles would be a great fit for the museum’s doctor and dentistry room which is one of its many theme rooms. 

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