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Director of popular indie film shares inspiration at Bancroft’s Village Playhouse 

Last Thursday crowds packed the Village Playhouse in Bancroft to watch the Canadian surprise-hit Who’s Yer Father. 

The film is a quirky comedy about a private investigator in Prince Edward Island who’s hired to investigate a black-mar

Tweed and Co’s Tim Porter hosts Q&A with Jeremy Larter

ket lobster smuggling ring with the help of a local convenience store owner and love interest. 

The writer-director of the film, Jeremy Larter, lives in Prince Edward County and hosted a Q&A after the show. He spoke about what inspired the film. 

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“You can actually take a one-week course in Ontario for $500 to become a private investigator” he said.“It was the idea of becoming one in a place as small as Prince Edward Island.. or Bancroft… are there any private investigators in Bancroft? Probably not” said Larter to a laughing audience.  

One of the audience members then commented: 

“I’d love to live a day in your head” 

“Are you sure about that?” replied Larter with a smile. 

After the movie we spoke with audience member “Fred” who said he thoroughly enjoyed it, as it reminded him of his visits to the Maritimes. 

“Well, I thought it was quite interesting and certainly lots of salty language, which the guy alluded to at the beginning” He said smiling, “I found it very cute” 

Who’s Yer Father played as part of Tweed and Co’s monthly showings of movies from the Toronto International Film Festival.  

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