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“Sneak It In” Week

To help Canadians become more physically active throughout their workdays, ParticipACTION is encouraging them to stand up for their health, literally, during its third annual “Sneak It In Week,” which runs to April 11th. Canadian adults spend 9.5 hours per day being sedentary, sitting at work, or in cars commuting to and from work. The campaign calls on Canadians to take active breaks and “sneak in” 10 minute increments of physical activity throughout their workdays. Research shows that 10 minute bouts of physical activity not only break up sedentary time, but are an effective way to increase fitness and meet the recommended 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity recommended for adults per week.

Finding opportunities to fit physical activity into your workday may be easier than Canadians realize. Start by wearing your sneakers to work this week. You can reap all the health benefits of meeting the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines by regularly fitting in a power walk at lunch or parking further away and walking those extra blocks to and from work.

Some other creative ideas to sit less and move more at work include:

·     Standing up during meetings or while on the phone

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·     Sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair

·     Taking regular breaks to stretch

·     Drinking extra water so you have to take frequent breaks to the restroom

·     Wearing a pedometer and starting a friendly competition with coworkers to see who can take the most steps in one day

·     Starting a lunchtime walking group

·     Grabbing coffee or lunch a few extra blocks away

·     Holding a walking meeting with colleagues

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