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Fed economic statement provides some hope for housing: EOWC Chair 

The Chair of the Eastern Ontario Wardens' Caucus says the federal government seems to be listening to concerns about housing shortages.   Peter Emon says he was pleased that Ottawa is pledging billions of dollars for housing.  The statement said that $15 billion will go to an “apartment construction loan program”...

Bancroft Dental Centre opens, hopes to fill demand  

If you don’t have a local dentist, this news may put a shine in your smile.  The Bancroft Dental Centre has opened. The clinic is run by Dr. Zulfar Moledina at 68 Hastings St. N.  Moledina says the centre aims to take a bite out of a local shortage of dental...

Rally of the Tall Pines getting ready to go  

The Rally of the Tall Pines is set to go this weekend in Bancroft.   The event brings hundreds of fans to the area to watch car racers speed through rural roads, one at a time, to compete for the best times.   The rally headquarters will open at the Dungannon...

Madawaska Valley calls for regulations to short-term accommodation industry

Madawaska Valley is calling on the province to better regulate the short-term accommodation industry.  A motion that passed at council Tuesday morning calls for several changes in light of the rise of brokerage companies, such as Airbnb, that rent out cottages to travellers.   The municipality is calling for a registry system,...

Provincial grant will help Tweed & Company bring in more acts  

The company that runs Bancroft’s Village’s Playhouse says it expects to bring in more high-quality acts in the years to come.  Tweed & Company Artistic Director Tim Porter says a provincial grant the company received will help strengthen its lineups at both its Bancroft and Tweed theatres.   The company received $66,432...

“Underserviced” North Hastings can benefit from new vet grant program: MPP    

Those in the agriculture industry hope a new grant program will lead to a healthy supply of new veterinarians to work in rural areas.   The province recently announced the Ontario Veterinary Incentive Program. It will provide up to $50,000 to new vets who can set up clinics to treat farm...
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