The Canadian Safety Council have some tips for you on this Seniors Safety Week.

Lewis Smith, National Projects Manager of the Canadian Safety Council, says that their focus for this year’s campaign is keeping seniors safe from information and identity theft.

Smith told My Bancroft Now that seniors are the fastest growing demographic of internet users and one of the largest who are adopting smartphones. Although their use of technology is a great thing overall, he advises seniors to watch out, especially when it comes to fraudulent looking emails. He says you should always look for spelling mistakes not commonly made by professional organizations. Also, you should never click on any links, instead, hover over it, and look at the address to see where it leads to. This will give you an indication of whether the website is legitimate or not.

Given that winter is rapidly approaching, he also says seniors should be cautious when winter walking. Huddling forward and taking small steps will decrease the odds of falling and if a fall should happen, he says falling forward, is always better than falling backwards.

Written by: Devon Jolander