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Bancroft Mayor Concerned About Proposed Quarry in Faraday

A decision on the quarry is set to be made on February 6th, but Bancroft’s Mayor says he’s concerned about how it will affect his Municipality.

Mayor Paul Jenkins says that even after all the assessments have been completed, he’s concerned about how the proposed quarry will effect Bancroft’s roads. The connecting link roads leading into Bancroft, along with a section of Bay Lake Road where the quarry will be located and the intersection at Highway 62 are all the responsibility of Bancroft, Jenkins says. He says those roads will be affected by the proposed quarry. “We want to make sure this has been taken into account by the parties involved,” he said.

“Council is concerned about the impact that heavy truck traffic will have on the structural integrity of the existing road infrastructure which may result in financial implications for the Town of Bancroft,” is stated in the letter sent to Faraday’s Clerk Dawn Switzer and Hastings County’s Director of Planning and Development Justin Harrow. “Council has also expressed concern regarding how the future truck traffic, generated by the proposed quarry, may affect the level of service at the “T” intersection of Mill Street and Bridge Street,” the letter continues.

Jenkins says the letter was sent after all the assessments were done. They wanted to wait and see if their concerns were addressed, which Jenkins says weren’t.

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The proposed quarry has been a hot-button topic for many reasons, but Jenkins says he isn’t concerned about the pros and cons of the quarry. “We’re only here representing the taxpayers of the town of Bancroft and what might affect them in respect to costs,” he told My Bancroft Now.

Faraday council will make their decision on the quarry on February 6th. If the quarry is approved by them, it then goes to Hastings County council for further approval, which Bancroft has a seat on. Until then, Jenkins says it’s just a “wait-and-see” game.

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