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North Hastings Public Library Preparing to Make a Move

North Hastings Public Library CEO Kim McMunn says 2019 will be about “strengthening the libraries’ core.”

A part of that, she says, will be reaching out to the public for their input. “It’s all about the public,” she says. McMunn adds that it’s always been important but now more than ever with the library looking to move buildings.  “We want the space to people to come and stay and play and we haven’t had a lot of that (at the current location),” she explains. She adds that the move isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but they are looking to prepare for it.

She says getting ideas from residents that use the library will be important when they start planning for the move. “We want to make sure our broader scope is taken into consideration,” McMunn says. With the library reaching not just Bancroft, but Faraday and Limerick Townships along with other areas of North Hastings, she says they need to understand what the needs of the community outside of Bancroft are as well. “There’s a lot of pieces that go into a puzzle (when moving buildings),” McMunn explains to My Bancroft Now.

Another big part of the libraries’ year will be the Bancroft Home Show that has been hosted by the curling club for many years, but that will be taken over by the library this year. “It’s stepping out of our normal groove,” McMunn says. “It will be very, very important to us.” She says that the curling club has been helpful in showing them what will need to be done. McMunn explains that the show will be used to help fund the potential move and give the library an increase to their book budget for the first time in “at least 10 years” McMunn says.

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While the potential move will be the biggest part of their year, McMunn says they will also be putting in their new automation system after a slight delay. “We’re really looking forward to that,” she says. The new system is Canadian, as opposed to the old American system they currently use. She says that this change will save them some money along with improving internal operations at the library.

“The more input we can get the better direction we can go for planning,” McMunn says.

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