UPDATE, 04/19 @ 8 PM: The MNRF have put their Bancroft district under a flood warning.  The Burnt, Irondale, Madawaska, York and Little Mississippi River watersheds are included in that warning. They say flooding has been observed on many of the smaller watersheds on the eastern half of the district.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry issued a flood warning in their Bancroft district for the York River.

They say the flows in the river are “rising rapidly” and will likely impact food susceptible properties tomorrow and through the weekend. The MNRF add that the peak won’t likely happen until early next week.

With an expected 50 to 65 millimetres of rain expected to fall starting on Thursday afternoon and into the weekend, the flood watch in the Bancroft area is still on.

The MNRF suggest residents keep a close eye on conditions, regularly check for updates and be cautious near fast-moving rivers and streams. The MNRF adds that appropriate actions should be taken by anyone living in an area with historic susceptibility to flooding.