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Freymond Lumber Releases Statement in Response to No Place For a Quarry’s Press Conference

A statement has been given to My Bancroft Now by Freymond Lumber ahead of Hastings County’s vote on whether or not to approve the rezoning by-law that would allow the proposed quarry to move forward.

“We are a fifth generation family in the Bancroft area and love the area,” the statement begins. “Our family is committed to this community by providing jobs, supporting numerous community initiatives and conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner that respects our neighbours.” They say the proposed quarry will be no different.

Over the 70 years, the sawmill has been in operation, they say they have complied with class 3 noise limits which “are the most stringent noise guidelines established for rural areas.”

They say the combination of the proposed quarry and lumber mill will not affect the acoustic environment “significantly” for Grail Springs Spa. At a press conference held Thursday by No Place For a Quarry, Dr. Peter Tomlinson explained that while the report done by High Williamson Associates shows the quarry will operate below the Provincial standard of 45 decibels, that standard was not made with a wellness retreat in mind.

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Freymond Lumber say that if the proposed quarry is approved they continue to “peacefully co-exist with our neighbours.”

The Freymond’s say in their statement that all legislative, policy and study requirements for the quarry application have been done including peer reviews by multiple organizations including the MNRF and Hastings County. All that information has been available on their website.

“The application is important to our family and the community,” they say. “For our family, it will help us diversify our business to provide long term sustainability and it will provide the stone we need to build our logging roads that ultimately turn into community trails and recreation areas.” The Freymond’s add in their statement that the proposed quarry will provide 50 years of jobs, taxes and levies while also giving a local aggregate source which will help with the cost of infrastructure and construction projects.

Hastings County’s Planning and Development Committee will be meeting on Tuesday in Belleville to vote on whether or not to approve the rezoning by-law for the land where the proposed quarry will be.

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