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Hold off on filling up the tank if you can; Families, affordable housing and digital privacy highlighted day 7 campaign promises

Gas to go up today but not for long

An expert advised drivers across Ontario to avoid filling up Wednesday. Gas Price Wizard Dan McTeague tweeted that prices will go up four cents a litre today but drop three cents tomorrow. Gas prices are fluctuating because of the drone attack on Saudi oil installations.

Day 7 campaign trial wraps up

The Liberal and Conservative parties continue to woo families with campaign promises. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promised to make maternity and parental benefits tax-free, while Conservative leader Andrew Scheer promised to boost what the government pays to help parents saving for their kid’s education.  Meanwhile, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh promised millions in funding for affordable housing and Green Party leader Elizabeth May called for more control over Canadian’s digital privacy.

Conservative and Green Parties forced to remove blunders from social media

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It was a day of digital missteps for at least two parties on the campaign trail.  The Conservatives were forced to remove two tweets from Twitter.  Tory campaign headquarters tweeted the RCMP had confirmed Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was under investigation. The RCMP issued a statement the comment was about all investigations. Then, Comedian Rick Mercer demanded a Tory candidate in B.C. remove a tweet with an altered meme that made it look like he was endorsing the Conservative Party.  And the Green Party removed campaign training videos after CTV News discovered that some contained personal information of voters.

Horwath denies responsibility for Doug Ford jeers at IPM

It wasn’t usually the place for political sparring, but Premier Doug Ford lashed out at the NDP Leader at the International Plowing Match in northern Ontario. Ford blamed Andrea Horwath for a smattering of jeers he got at the opening ceremonies. Horwath denied she was behind them.

Anti-carbon tax stickers not such a sticky situation

The stickers on gas pumps denouncing the carbon tax are falling off. Apparently, they were manufactured with the wrong adhesive. Ontario Premier Doug Ford vowed to fix the problem.

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