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Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry looking to hire Conservation Officers

The Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry has called them essential to their conservation effort.

The Ministry has opened the application process to look for new recruits to become conservation officers with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). Minister John Yakabuski praised the group of officers, which while not large in number, span a vast area. Covering 51 offices across Ontario, these officers enforce rules around hunting and fishing, prevent illegal hunting, crack down on wildlife trafficking, and curb the spread of invasive species. However, Yakabuski says their role is not just enforcement. Education of youth groups, hunters and fishers are key parts of the job of an officer.

According to Yakabuski, it is in everyone’s best interest to be part of conservation efforts, and conservation officers are essential to that. Most people who have participated in outdoor activities have come into contact with an officer, and he is proud of the eclectic mix of people who do the job across Ontario. They encourage people to see just how integrated they are with their natural resources. Yakabuski looks forward to hiring more of them across the province.

The Minister says the ideal candidate would be someone who enjoys working outdoors, as that will be the bulk of what they do. People who enjoy the environment are key, especially those who would like to do teaching and conservation work outdoors exclusively. Important as well is for an officer to be conservation-minded, as their greatest responsibility will be to maintain biodiversity in Ontario, and to protect natural resources like fish and wildlife. They must also be able to travel to specific offices across the province. With many applications expected, Yakabuski wishes applicants the best of luck as they continue to maintain the top-shelf quality of Conservation Officers in Ontario.

Applications for the position can be found on the Government of Ontario’s Website.

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