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Hunt for Food challenge to get underway as deer hunting starts

November is here. That means hunting activities are picking up – and there’s extra need to be careful.

Rifle hunting for deer, with the use of dogs, is permitted between Nov. 7 and 20, Bancroft OPP says.  So if residents hear firearms, they may not need to be alarmed.

But police suggest if you’re walking through popular hunting areas, wear a bright orange vest or hat, so you’re visible. Dog walkers might also want to put bright colours or a bell on their pets. 

Police also say if you come across a hunting dog and it doesn’t appear stressed, it’s probably making its way back to its owner. But if you have concerns, check its collar for a number to call.

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Hunt for Food Challenge

This year, hunting groups can participate in a challenge called Hunt for Food. Groups that have leftover food from their camps, are encouraged to donate them to North Hastings Community Cupboard. 

The friendly contents, to see who can donate the most, is being led by the staff at Trips and Trails Adventure Outfitters. Donations can be left at the business, located at 258 Hastings Street North or at Community Cupboard’s location at 2 Madawaska Street.   

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