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Car unknowingly drives away with Barry’s Bay woman’s groceries

Someone in the Barrys Bay area might have gone home with some extra groceries on Wednesday. A Barrys Bay woman says she picked up some groceries at the Metro but then accidentally put them in the wrong car before walking to a nearby friends house. 

When she came back she thought at first her car had been stolen, but she soon realized her mistake. 

“I walked out of her house and went to go over to my car, only now there was a very clearly different car sitting there, that was the wrong color…And I thought for a second someone had stolen my car” She said, “But then I started looking around and I saw my car parked in the parking lot and I had this kind of realization of what I’d done” she said laughing. 

She says her car is an older model Honda Civic. She also said that if anyone is in need of the groceries they find in the car, she’s happy for them to keep them.  

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