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“This light still shining in every corner” Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage takes place from Whitney to Maynooth

On March 25th the Gaza Ceasefire pilgrimage took place with people travelling the 41 km’s from Whitney to Maynooth.  

Organizer Erin Crecelius says that over the course of the day 21 people walked ranging in age from over 70 to a baby in a stroller.  

She said there were also many others involved including a support team, those that provided dinner as well as music and haiku.  

Over $2300 was raised which will go to Churches for Middle East Peace to be used for aid and refugee settlement. 

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One of the participants has a Palestinian friend with whom she shared news of the ceasefire pilgrimage.

Upon hearing about the event he shared a message and permission was given to share it here:  

“So good to hear from you and it makes so happy to hear this. It is people like your friend, and every human rights defender from every corner in this world, what is keeping the hope for me. I never imagined my heart is able to break and shatter every day for close to six months now. I always pull up witnessing this light that is still shining in every corner from every background by people who refuse to let go of humanity. It means the world to me you reaching out with this beautiful message”

More information about the day can be found on Facebook at Whitney-Maynooth Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage

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