The meeting wasn’t as well-attended as past ones, but residents were still just as concerned.

“Let’s be very professional,” Reeve of Faraday Township Dennis Purcell said at the start of the meeting. “Let’s show respect to both parties,” he continued before he got the meeting underway.

The purpose of the meeting was to allow additional input on the acoustic assessment report and the blasting impact report. Freymond Lumber’s representative Brian Zeman said that with the two peer reviews done, he believes the application is ready to be brought to the Township for a decision.

After Zeman’s presentation, one resident brought up real estate values. She mentioned that she would like to see a real estate assessment be made apart of the application process. Zeman said that real estate agents have not been contacted and added he doesn’t believe a real estate assessment is needed. “From a planning perspective property values are not a decision that is considered in making land use decisions,” he said.

Deputy Reeve of Faraday Township Marg Nicholson said towards the end of the meeting that nothing has been or will be decided until a vote is held.

It was mentioned during the meeting that anyone is welcome to visit the proposed quarry site. Zeman said the Freymond family is happy to meet with anyone who has any concerns.