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Police Ask Those Enjoying Fall Colours to Follow Rules of The Road

Officers plan on increasing their presence over the next few weeks to ensure everyone driving around enjoying the fall colours are still following the rules.

OPP said in a release that it understands that fall can be a beautiful time of year for people to go out and sight-see. Officers also want the public to understand that with more cars on the road, it means they will be out on patrol more often as well.

The OPP had the following tips to make sure everyone is safe during the season.

  • Make to go the speed limit – it is especially important since pedestrian traffic will increase, including pedestrians with children
  • Refrain from taking pictures or using your phone while driving – task your passenger to commemorate the view by taking photos if needed
  • Make sure that seatbelts are worn by all occupants in the vehicle – rear passengers included
  • No Parking zone means just that – no parking; violators will be tagged and towed at their own expense
  • Don’t brake on leaves. Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice – drive slowly and avoid hard breaking
  • Watch out for pedestrians – 100 percent of your focus should be on the road and on the lookout for pedestrians. Be patient
  • Pedestrians must pay attention to vehicular traffic
  • And perhaps most importantly, always drive sober

The police add that Thanksgiving is particularly busy with people travelling for family dinners.

Written by Greg Higgins

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