For those with questions about their mental health, the Bancroft Family Health Team can give you some guidance.

The team is holding a zoom-and-phone conference for those concerned about their mental wellbeing. Sean Lee-Popham with the Bancroft Family Health Team says the lockdown and the winter months can have an impact on mental health. The conference is so that residents can test the water to see how they are faring with their health. Participants can ask questions about mental health or COVID-19 in general. Lee-Popham says they will also discuss techniques on how to deal with anxiety around the new lockdown and will be attended by a registered nurse and a local social worker.

The conference will begin at 1 PM on January 28th. For those who do not have a secure connection, they can call 1-647-374-4685. The Meeting ID is 987 1125 1503. A link to the zoom meeting can also be found here.