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“We miss you”: Hastings Centennial Manor praises its volunteers

With National Volunteer Week wrapping up, staff at the Hastings Centennial Manor in Bancroft wants their volunteers to know that they miss them.

Nancy Mountney, Recreation and Volunteer Services Supervisor at the Manor, says volunteers change the lives of their residents. They bring their talents, their hobbies, their music and especially their time to the residents of the manor. Even something as simple as playing music for the residents changes their whole day and outlook. For student volunteers, they learn much about how long-term care works and shows how it can make a difference in the lives of those living in the Manor. Some volunteer to see if it’s the right avenue for them, and find if a career in the field is for them. But for a lot of people, Mountney says they volunteer because they have family there, have worked in long-term care before, or have a strong desire to help people.

However, with volunteers unable to bring their talents into their homes due to the pandemic, it has shown just how difficult it is to run the Manor without them. Mountney says even if they could do it without them, they wouldn’t. The ideas that they bring, their positive energy and their intense desire to make a difference make volunteers special for the Manor.

Mountney can’t wait for the day they can welcome the volunteers back to the Manor, saying they miss the volunteers and that they’re valued.

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