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Local OPP says to keep an eye out for holiday scams

It may be the season of giving, but the Killaloe Detachment of the OPP says there are a lot of takers out there too.

Over the holiday season, police say that many scammers are out and about, looking to take away your money or personal information. The detachment has laid out some common scams that you may encounter during the holiday season.

Among these scams are counterfeit merchandise and online sale scams. Police say some discounts or offers are too good to be true and merchandise bought from these sites could be fakes or pose a health hazard. If you are selling something make sure you receive payment before sending out merchandise.

Sometimes fraudsters will pose as genuine sellers and post fake ads. Phishing emails and texts will also be a nuisance this time of the year, and police urge people to double-check that they are coming from legitimate sources before clicking any links.

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The detachment also warns that not all people who contact you are who they claim to be. Emergency scammers will pose as a loved one trying to get cash out of you, while romance scammers will trick people into thinking they are in love before exploiting them for money. Secret Santa scams will trick victims into thinking they are exchanging gifts with strangers when in reality, their personal information is being stolen.

With the new age of technology, the OPP has seen a rise in Cryptocurrency scams. These will convince people that they will make a return on investment on a new electronic currency, while in reality the scammer will take the money and leave. Police say to check the National Registration Tool to see if a new company is legitimate.

If you believe you have been scammed, contact police or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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