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Election 2021: What issues are important to Hastings-Lennox-Addington candidates?

With six candidates running in the riding, each one has different issues they would like to highlight.

Moose FM asked each candidate about some of the major issues they find important.

Liberal Candidate Mike Bossio says the country has to deal with climate change. He says the price on pollution is the most cost-effective way to deal with the challenge, but it can’t be done with just a carbon tax. He says the Liberals will help the fossil fuel sector to transition away from oil and create jobs in things like carbon engineering and hydrogen power generation. Bossio also says his party will invest in transit, and give grants for electric vehicles and electric charging stations. With 50 different proposed measures, Bossio believes they will meet the 2050 target with the groundwork his party is building now.

Conservative Candidate Shelby Kramp-Neuman believes that securing jobs for residents in the riding is a key issue she wants to tackle. She says with well-paying jobs, people can afford the cost of living and be able to buy homes. In order to do that, Kramp-Neuman says small and medium-sized businesses need support to help them recover from the pandemic. She also lists pandemic recovery and improved broadband as major points in her platform.

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People’s Party candidate James Babcock says freedom is the central issue of his party’s platform. He is opposed to the mandating of vaccines and vaccine passports. He is also against government overspending, warning that will lead to hyperinflation. In addition, he says his party will be a true democracy, with all individuals in his party able to vote independently.

Reg Wilson, the Green Party candidate, says they are the only party committed to making the 60 percent reduction of the country’s carbon footprint. Wilson is pledging to do this aggressively with green technology, grants for solar panels and electric vehicles, and implementing agricultural practices that sequester carbon instead of producing it. He says that these initiatives will require job training, and is covered in his Party’s investment program, which will stimulate the economy.

Independent candidate Jennifer Sloan says that among other issues, she found that broadband access was a major issue while travelling around the riding. While there are plans to improve speeds by 2025, Sloan wants to find ways to start things much sooner by working with companies to get improvements implemented faster.

Moose FM has reached out to NDP candidate Matilda DeBues, but has not received a response as of the writing of this article.

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